About Sleep Master Solutions™

Sleep Master Solutions was founded to provide the most complete sleep apnea program in the Country. Sleep Master Solutions is a national medically driven company with the sole objective of ensuring the quality, productivity, performance and safety of the individual as they maintain viable employment, obtain a medical certificate, stay on the road, achieve an optimal lifestyle, and provide for the highest level of safety across the country.

Sleep Master Solutions mission is to:

  • Communicate with all individuals affected by sleep disorders, including those employed in transportation, public safety, and professional sports and with interested parties in government, business, and education.
  • Ensure all individuals in the transportation industry obtain and maintain compliance with all Department of Transportation driving requirements.
  • To be the most complete sleep apnea Company in the nation that provides for the total licensing process from the initial screening through the treatment process.

The goals of Sleep Masters Solutions are:

  • To all individuals maintain in compliance with Department of Transportation regulations.
  • To alleviate any confusion and to simplify the process.
  • Identify potential problems associated with compliance and walk the individual through the process.
  • To provide expertise on sleep apnea licensing compliance.
  • To have the individual maintain a high level of performance and productivity in there chosen field.