Many aspects of daily life are affected when sleep quality deteriorates. Sleep impacts physical health, mental health, nutrition, and more. While education around the importance of sleep is improving, it hasn’t been enough to stop people from developing unhealthy habits. A 2018 study showed that 50% of the population is regularly getting less than 6 hours of sleep. Yet, the CDC recommends adults get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.

Many working adults can relate to the negative effects of a lack of sleep. But some may not realize that better sleep leads to better leadership and team engagement. A brain that’s well rested is also better at problem solving, decision-making, memory and creativity. For these reasons and more, proper sleep saves more than 2 weeks of lost productivity per year. Imagine what we could accomplish in the world if everyone were getting quality sleep and performing at the peak of their creativity and productivity.

In certain fields, a worker’s safety could be relying on quality sleep as well. By being alert, employees face fewer errors and faster response time. Accident risk decreases by 70%. In addition, sleep deprivation has a side effect of feeling drunk. That can be extremely dangerous when you consider a job position that involves operating machinery or even a medical profession.

Sleeping well also helps the immune system function more efficiently. Antibodies and cells that fight infection are reduced when you don’t get enough sleep. Which could mean increased sick days and getting behind on work. In addition, a person that doesn’t get enough sleep is at increased risk of stress, burnout, depression, anxiety disorders, stroke, and cardiovascular problems.

If you or a loved one relate to these side effects of poor sleep quality, consider taking a quick sleep assessment. We can help determine if you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. SleepMaster Solutions™ is America’s #1 Provider of Sleep Solutions. We’re here to help.