Smartphones with a “night mode” feature have claimed to help you get a better night’s sleep after spending an evening on your phone. The idea behind this stemming from the assumption that light emissions from your phone would impact your sleep quality. However, BYU psychology professor Chad Jensen recently compared the sleep outcomes of 167 individuals in his study to find that night mode had no effect on sleep quality.

Jensen compared those who used their phone at night with night mode turned on, those who used their phone at night without night mode, and those who did not use a smartphone before bed at all. According to this study’s findings, those who did not use a phone before bed had “superior sleep quality” compared to those who did use their phone. But there was no notable difference between those who used night mode or did not use night mode while on their phone in the evening.

So, if you’re looking to improve sleep quality, consider putting your phone down well before bedtime. Night mode may be an aesthetic improvement, but don’t allow yourself to think you can scroll an extra hour or so in bed and not notice a difference in your energy level the next day. If you’re feeling tired regularly and aren’t sure why, try the SleepMaster Solutions™ free sleep screening quiz. This will help you determine if the source of your poor sleep quality could be a sleep disorder.