A recent study has found that older people struggling with insomnia benefited from listening to calming music at bedtime. According to study co-author Yen-Chin Chen, an associate professor of nursing at National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Tawian, music therapy was found to be effective for older adults with sleep disturbances.

However, not all types of music are the same. The study also found that listening to sedative music is more effective than listening to rhythmic music. In addition, when listening to music is a regular part of your routine, you’ll impact your sleep habits even more positively. “Listening to music for longer than 4 weeks is more effective for older adults with sleep disturbance” said Chen.

According to the study, adults aged 60+ sleep better when they listen to music for 30 – 60 minutes at bedtime, for at least a month. If you’re looking to test this yourself, opt for music with a slower tempo and smoother melody. Researchers theorized that this helps slow your heart rate and breathing, lowering your blood pressure, stress, and anxiety.

If you’re an older adult with sleep problems, consider testing yourself for a sleep disorder. It’s important to take your health seriously as you age, and a free sleep screening is an easy way to start. If you need more help after that, SleepMaster Solutions™ is here for you.