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The Big Picture

Sleep Impacts Every
Aspect of Daily Life


We’re Sleeping
Less Than Ever

In 1942, less than 8% of the population was trying to survive on 6 hours or less of sleep per night; in 2018, it’s almost 50% of the population.1


With Less Sleep,
We’re More at Risk for:








Anxiety Disorders




Cardiovascular Problems

The Big Profit

Alert + Awake =
Productive Employees

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    Better sleep leads to better leadership and team engagement

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    A brain that’s well rested is better at problem solving2, decision-making, memory, and creativity,3

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    Proper sleep saves more than two weeks of lost productivity per year4

Sleep is Key
to Safety

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    By being alert, employees face fewer errors and faster response time

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    Accident risk decreases by 70%5

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    Sleep deprivation has a side effect of feeling drunk6

Cash In Those Z’s

If every American slept an hour more per night, it would
add $226.4 billion to the US economy.7


Map showing economic costs of insufficient sleep across five countries. Source: Jess Plumridge/RAND Europe.

Give Your Employees
What They’re Asking For


#1 issue employees identify related to physical health is ‘getting enough sleep’8


40% of employees would ask for sleep support from employers9


50% of Millennials would ask for sleep support10

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