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Tired? This is Your Body’s Red Flag.

We’re living in stressful times. Exhausting times. But that may not be the only thing keeping you up at night or making you tired throughout the day. In many cases, poor sleep is caused by sleep apnea - a respiratory dysfunction. And COVID-19 attacks your respiratory system.

By taking a free sleep screening, you can quickly determine if you’re at a greater risk of having a sleep disorder known as sleep apnea – a disorder that, by definition, compromises your immune system and places you at a greater risk of contracting and not being able to fight off COVID-19. It is a simple fact that…

“Lack of sleep compromises your immune system. Conversely, adequate sleep and adequate treatment of any sleep disorder supports your immune system.”  (Stephen M. Kreitzer, M.D.)

Not Knowing Only Puts More People at Risk.

The last thing you want right now is more bad news. But if sleep apnea is already compromising your immune system, you are far better off learning about it now than waiting and risk contracting COVID-19 and then experiencing its devastating effect. Take a free sleep screening test.  If the results of your screening suggest that you might have sleep apnea, then it is up to you to decide what to do. We’ll be by your side to help – whether that means walking you through taking a home sleep test, or not. Our strong suggestion . . . don’t let important facts about your health stay in the dark. DON’T PUT THOSE AROUND YOU AT RISK.

Having a compromised immune system not only puts you at risk of COVID-19, it puts all those you come in contact with at home, at work or at play, at risk.

Your best defense against this terrible disease is a strong immune system which is supported by healthy sleep habits. We understand the sacrifices you make caring for others. We have created a simple and free way for you to help take care of yourself.  Answer a few brief questions today, and feel safer and more secure about tomorrow. BE PROACTIVE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH.

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Good Morning and Good Night will truly feel good.

4 Steps to Better Health


Free Online Sleep Screening
Tell us more about yourself and your sleep habits. Answer a few quick questions to find out if a home sleep test is an advised next step.


Conduct Your Home Sleep Test
If you need it, we'll send you a simple home sleep test. 24/7 help is available, but our technology makes tracking and reporting easy.


Review Sleep Test Results
Your sleep study is scored by a trusted technologist and your sleep study results are interpreted by board certified physicians.


Take Action
You’ll receive a medical report with recommendations for treatment. SleepMaster Solutions™ can help coordinate treatment such as CPAP setup.