Sleep impacts every aspect of your daily life. It’s easy to joke about how you “can’t function without coffee”, but the reality is that you’re doing more harm than you think. Your entire day could be impacted by poor sleep habits.

Sleep is good for your immune system.

  • Sleeping well helps your immune system function more efficiently
  • Antibodies and cells that fight infection are reduced when you don't get enough sleep

As part of a vulnerable group, there are times when it is better for you to stay at home rather than needlessly risk a trip to the doctor’s office. SleepMaster Solutions™ allows you to proactively attend to your health from the comfort of your own home. Our simple home sleep test can be delivered right to your door.

Your sleep needs will change over your lifetime.

  • Older adults may produce and secrete less melatonin, the hormone that promotes sleep1
  • Insomnia affects almost half of adults 60 and older2

Better sleep habits promote better memory.

  • A brain that’s well rested is better at problem solving, decision-making, memory and creativity

You put yourself and others at risk when you don’t get enough sleep.

  • By being alert, people face fewer errors and faster response time
  • Accident risk decreases by 70%
  • Sleep deprivation has a side effect of feeling drunk

Stop hitting the snooze button on getting healthier.
This is your wake up call.


Good Morning and Good Night will truly feel good.

4 Steps to Better Health


Order Your Home Sleep Test
The test and simple instructions are delivered to your home.


Conduct Your Home Sleep Test
If you need it, we'll send you a simple home sleep test. 24/7 help is available, but our technology makes tracking and reporting easy.


Review Sleep Test Results
Your sleep study is scored by a trusted technologist and your sleep study results are interpreted by board certified physicians.


Take Action
You’ll receive a medical report with recommendations for treatment. SleepMaster Solutions™ can help coordinate treatment such as CPAP setup.